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The valuable information from our background checks will reveal an informed, experienced, objective observation of each applicant. Copies of the source documents, as well as an explanation of the records, are presented. These components provide insight and information, which disclose maturity, honesty and the ability to meet every day responsibilities. So all you have to do is choose the right candidate for the position.


Our highly efficient and experienced researchers will search county court criminal records, civil records, and federal court records

Credit Reports

Employment Credit reports can be used for positions in financial institutions, managerial positions, access to debit/credit card information or other sensitive information.


DMV Search

Driving records are processed and received instantly. Verify status of license, suspended, revoked, Class A, points, or serious violations.



Many more services are available and tailored by position for consistency. We customize your services for your business. Only pay for what you need. 

Criminal (County, State, Federal)

All searches are performed at the court. Not non-compliant database searches. These are current records, which reveal pending charges, warrants, past convictions, probation status, etc.

A person currently on probation can be a hiring/tenant risk. If they violate any term of their probation, the court could impose additional sanctions, up to and including jail.

“He/She seemed like such a nice person!”, is heard all the time. Don’t be lulled by the cool applicant. Protect your workplace, employees, tenants and property by due diligence of criminal research.

Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV)

An applicant’s DMV record is usually the first sign of non-compliance.
Multiple records, suspensions, fail to appear for court, are some of the indicators of character and maturity.
Out-of-county convictions may indicate other areas of needed criminal searches. Verification of DOB is crucial to searching court records.
A no match with DMV records may reveal an attempt to hide facts.


Not all cases are criminal. A restraining order may not show up as a criminal case, for example, and yet it can be an indicator of a larger issue.

Personal injury, warranty defects, tenant compliance, employer or employee filed cases, or someone who constantly files frivolous law suits, are some examples of a civil suit.

Credit Report

Credit reports are much more than a history of one’s creditworthiness. It may list an employer not revealed, other names used and residence history not disclosed.

How well do they manage responsibility may be revealed by bad checks, unpaid civil judgment or taxes.

A tenant credit report will provide a credit score, for your consideration of renting.

People have had credit-related issues caused by joblessness, divorce, or other issues which may not, or should not play a part in your hiring or tenant screening decisions, but it could provide information about the character and maturity of your applicant.

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County Criminal Search

County Civil Search

Statewide Criminal Search (Where available)

Federal Criminal Search

Employment Credit






Drug Screening

Sex Offenders

Global Watch List


Healthcare Compliance Search

National Criminal Search

Person Search

Address verification

SSN verifications

detailed reporting

Your Comprehensive Applicant Report Includes:

  • An informed, experienced, objective observation of each applicant
  • Insight and information, which disclose maturity, honesty and the ability to meet everyday responsibilities
  • Copies of the source documents, as well as an explanation of the records
  • Peace of Mind that you are hiring the best applicants
  • Time Freedom to deal with all of your other job duties

Our goal is to help you make the right decision

How Does Our System Make Your Job Easier?


Our system is designed with you in mind. We support various size businesses, but we still retain our small business feel (talk to the CEO if you have a question). Our personalized service is priceless.


Electronic Application

Modern, easy to use interface for your applicants. No more trying to decipher handwriting styles and searching for paper files. 


An almost paperless system (only the paper you generate if you decide to print)

Daily Progress Tracking

We track the progress of completion daily and notify you when your applicant has completed the paperwork

Timely Communication

We keep you posted on any potential delays (and why)

Easy to Read Results

Reports are ready to view as each service is completed

Easy to Access Final Reports

Completed reports are available online for you to save, download, or print

Multi-User Access

You can have multiple users, with control over what they can see and do

Extras Are Included

Adverse Action and other notifications are available with your template, at no charge.

Competitive Pricing

We have a small, but mighty team so we can keep our costs lower than our larger competitors

Volume Pricing

The more services you need, the better discount we can give you.  Contact us for details.

Government Rates

We are a GSA Government Contact Holder. Contact us for more details.

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