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How much does a background check cost?

That is dependent on the type and quantity of services ordered; the average cost is around $25.00 and up, dependent on which services you want.

What does a background consist of?

There are many types of background checks.

  • Fingerprinting, which usually is a statewide search or it could be a federal search, or both.
  • Criminal searches in the county or state in which an applicant has resided and or worked.
  • Employment, Education, references, drug testing, department of motor vehicles, etc.
Can anyone run a background check?

You must be a legitimate business: There are very stringent laws regarding for what and for whom a background check can be processed.

Not all backgrounds are the same.

Background checks can be very simple to very indepth. This is determined by the entity that requests them.

Each employer has their own requirements, for what services they have processed.

Law enforcement has access to databases that do not include usage by the general public.

There must be a legitimate reason. For an internal company investigation of wrongdoing, the notification may come after the background is completed.

A company’s credentials must be verified.

Why can’t I just order one online?
  1. These are usually a data search, which is pulled from public information. 
  2. These are unverified searches that will not provide a positive identity, records found will for the name searched, no conclusive identifiers to prove identity.
  3. The information can be weeks, even months old, and in most cases will not have any final outcome. These are very unreliable sources of information.
Can anyone request a background check on someone?

We only process background checks for vetted companies to ensure a legitimate reason.

Doesn’t a background find everything out about a person?

A legitimate, non-law enforcement background investigation usually searches for known information provided by the applicant.

Verification provides consistency with what the applicant states on their application, or inconsistencies that may arise from other sources searched.

Can I get a copy of my background check?

Background check forms should have a place for you to mark that you would like a copy.

This is usually provided once the background has been completed.

If you don’t receive one, or change your mind and would like one later, you can call the background screening company and request one copy, free of charge.