About PEI

Unmatched Customer Service
Integrity. Honesty. Helpful, considerate service on every call. Attention to detail makes all the difference! Our staff is always ready to assist with even the smallest need or question.

Experience Matters
A potential candidate may be the most important decision a business can make. Our network of investigators has national hands-on capabilities to research the most current information right from the courts. Online databases can be months behind, inaccurate and subject to input errors. We are ‘Hands On’ at the courthouse. Don’t trust your criminal research to database information. Let our many years of experience help you find the warning signs and discrepancies. PEI has served a wide variety of businesses with their most important decisions for over 20 years.

Due Diligence
Background screening provides due diligence for the employer in cases of job change, promotions or internal investigations. Our combined services provide insight and information to make objective decisions to help protect your workplace and properties. No database information for the services that matter most. We go right to the source.

Secure Data
PEI meets or exceeds state and federal requirements of transmitting confidential information. Consumer reports can only be processed for a permissible purpose. All companies will be verified for their legitimacy and ability to maintain confidentiality.

Know who you are hiring.

Choose PEI as your investigation source.