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  • Get the most recent information.
  • We are integrated with our many partners.
  • Once an order is entered for process, it is immediately transmitted to them for quick, accurate results.
  • Results are returned electronically and you will be notified as each service is completed.
  • Once the order is completed, you will be notified with a link to login and retrieve your completed report.
  • All documentation accumulated will be attached to the order. You can also attach documents to the order for easy retrieval.

Court searches

Our highly efficient and experienced researchers will search county court criminal records, civil records, and federal court records


DMV Search

Driving records are processed and received instantly. Verify status of license, suspended, revoked, Class A, points, or serious violations.

Credit Reports

Employment Credit reports can be used for positions, such as, in financial institutions, managerial positions, access to debit/credit card information, sensitive personal information, etc.



Many more services are available and tailored by position for consistency.

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We set up your services so they are easy to order with one click and tailored to your specifications


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State of the Art Electronic Application System

Applicant Follow Up

Our system includes follow up communication with applicants to ensure they complete their application

Keep Track of Applicant Progress

You are notified of each service completed for your review. Plus, you can Check Application for Completion.

Check Application for Completion

Applicants cannot progress without completing all required information

Send Copies of Reports to Applicants

Applicants will be provided a copy of their report upon request

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How Date of Birth Redactions Affect the Background Check Process

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Avoid Bad Hires with Background Checks

Avoid Bad Hires with Background Checks

Hiring the right employees is crucial to the success of any business. A bad hire can cost time and money and damage the company’s reputation. To ensure a robust, reliable workforce, employers are increasingly turning to background checks as a powerful tool in the...

How to Avoid Negligent Hiring: A Guide for Employers

How to Avoid Negligent Hiring: A Guide for Employers

Anyone who has worked in management for any company bigger than a “Mom and Pop local” is certainly familiar with the concept of negligent hiring. The term refers to a situation where a company may be legally responsible for the harmful actions of one of its employees....

Debunked: The Biggest Myths About Background Checks 

Debunked: The Biggest Myths About Background Checks 

Background checks have become a standard practice in the hiring process for many companies, but there are still some common misconceptions about what they entail and how they benefit employers. These myths can lead to a reluctance to conduct background checks, leaving...

California Court Ruling Could Complicate Background Checks

California Court Ruling Could Complicate Background Checks

California to Redact Date of Birth and Drivers License numbers on public electronic records search! This will make it more difficult for employers to get timely information in order to continue the hiring process. Researchers will have to submit names found in the...


What Our Clients Say About Us

Pre-Employment Investigations has been our trusted source for background checks and verification since 2016. Their service is top notch… Reports are completed quickly and accurately, and I am always able to speak with a representative if needed. I can most definitely recommend their services with complete confidence.

Anna Maria Scillia
Office/Human Resource Manager
Marchesini Group USA

Pre-Employment Investigations, Inc. is such a wonderful company to utilize for background investigation services. I have been working alongside them for the last few years and have nothing but pleasant experiences, in what can be an awkward part of the hiring process. Kimberly and her staff are very supportive and involved throughout the entire process! All of the staff are friendly, professional, helpful, and timely with any questions, issues, or feedback you may necessitate. The team is diligent, especially during this time of COVID where businesses and government offices are struggling with inconsistent work schedules and short staffing. They are fair and honest and most importantly, everyone handles each matter confidentially and appropriately. Lastly, the online portal is easy to use for both the candidate and employer which makes the process that much easier! I would highly recommend PEI to my peers!

Brittany Feldmann
Office Manager
InSight Vision Center

We started working with Kimberly Young and Pre-Employment Investigations, Inc. in 2018. We required in-depth background checks on multiple officers of our company for an Insurance License application. Kimberly walked us through the entire process and provided us with everything we needed to obtain the license successfully. Because of her exceptional customer service, we also utilized PEI when we were hiring for a position that required a high level of confidentiality and integrity. PEI was very responsive and created a comprehensive report containing all the information we needed to decide. Kimberly is always just a phone call or email away to answer any questions and provide assistance or guidance and is Falvey’s go-to company for all investigative services.

Audra McCabe
Compliance and Licensing Coordinator
Falvey Insurance Group, Ltd